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After a tree has already been cut out of your view, there is sometimes a stump left behind. Some stumps are purposeful for people who study trees or chop firewood. These professions are pretty rare to come across in Tampa and chances are you have no use for this ugly tree stump. It’s time to bring in the stump grinder and get this thing out of here! Aerial Arborists is ready to step up to the plate for the stump removal process.

Preparing to Grind

Inconvenient Places

Tree stumps usually are in places where a tree was deemed unsuitable. Since that was the case, the stump is most likely taking up much-needed space. Stumps are hard to work around too. Planning gardens, play areas, and renovations can be hindered by the location of the stump. If a project is followed without removing the stump, it can become a ruin the functionality of your new piece and even become a hazard.

Imagine kids running around the yard, playing and having a great time. When a tree stump is in the way it can cause serious harm – to anyone! Since trees are usually cut low, the stumps can be hard to notice especially when paying attention to something entertaining. Health hazards are never a fun situation to deal with, so why stay at risk?

After Grinding

Pests and Future Growth

When a tree stump sits for awhile, it becomes dried out, dead, and useless as it has no means of survival since its lifeline was cut. What comes along with tree stumps is other forms of life. Insects and rodents find tree stumps to be an inviting new home. Termites, beetles, raccoons, and other wood-boring pests get shelter and safety to survive in tree stumps. They can later spread to your other plant life and your home to reak more havoc.

Another factor is future growth. Stumps often provide nutrients for some pests, but they also make a proving grounds for other trees. The stumps normally prohibit proper growth patterns and promote unhealthy ones. New unwanted trees can sprout up and this should be taken care of before that possibility arises. You wouldn’t want a new tree growing back on your property; that’s why it was cut down in the first place.

How We Operate

Aerial Arborists loves to work with trees, no matter what shape or size. We strive to uphold high merit by properly administer tree stump removal services. To start our projects, we will assess the situation and give you a FREE estimate for the whole process. On top of that, we make it our goal to offer reasonable prices to ensure your satisfaction.

In order to remove these, we will make sure the stump is cut down as much as possible while staying safe. Using the stump grinder, we will grind down the remaining trunk base and roots. This process is one of the many reasons we keep our grade A services in tree stump grinding and removal. If you need to get a stump take care of, Aerial Arborists is on your side to the end! Give us a call at any time for your tree service needs. We offer 24-hour emergency service with the care you deserve.

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